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07 Aug

So, another year on and we returned for a different route than last year’s Huddersfield Narrow. As we ended our holiday last year Susan and Nigel whetted our appetite telling us we really should come back and do the Leeds Liverpool – stunning scenery and unique to anywhere on the waterways, we were told…. Well they were right, in so many ways. The scenery yes, takes your breath away, especially the stretch between East Marton and Gargrave where you are quite simple navigating through the Yorkshire Moors, following the contours with hill slopes vanishing into the canal on each bend.

On the unique front what we did find intriguing as the week went by was the number of different variations of Paddle Gear on the various locks. Travelling from Barnoldswick to Sowerby Bridge we totted up at least 10 different variants (including the self-service electric ones on the Aire and Calder). Right from the off the first lock has gear we had never seen before in 10 + years of boating, and on it went.

The huge beam mounted monsters (just look at the teeth on the mechanism) on the Bingley Five Rise and three rise further down (see pic) certainly needed a firm hand from the great bunch of lock keepers in attendance.

Oh and check out the unusual arrangement in the middle of the Bingley flight – quite a rare manoeuvre we were told…

I have a feeling our clocked 10 maybe short of the mark, we only started counting them on the long journey back to London and I suspect we’ve missed a few. Best head back and do it again, just to double check……