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14 Sep


Posted by Harry Glover

Firstly, in spite of having (we thought) more than our share of wet weather, we had a great time, and – having given ourselves 2 weeks for the journey with 2 nights in Liverpool – at no time did we feel pressurised, or having to cruise ‘excessive’ hours. Generally, the scenery was far more rural and rural-looking than we expected, and many of the towns through which the canal passes had made efforts to make a feature of the canal. We encountered only a few problems enroute. The most difficult one was one of the locks on the Wigan flight (Lock 75 I think) which (we were told by CRT man) has suffered from subsidence, and as a result the bottom gates open with difficulty. We were advised not to open fully, otherwise they jam on the cill. Unfortunately, a crew coming down when we were going up had opened the gates fully and we had great difficulty closing them.

We discovered a gem of a restaurant in Adlington – ‘The Retreat’ in a former church. It isn’t cheap, but we all thought it fantastic, and left menus on the boat. It’s about 15 mins. walk from the canal.

All the CRT employees and volunteers we met were extremely helpful – full marks to all of them! Cruising in to (and out of) Liverpool was amazing, with so many iconic buildings, and throughout the journey there was far less litter than we expected.

We note that the front cover of the September issue of ‘Waterways World’ has a lovely photograph of ‘Cambridge’ on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal (which we did last year), and another – showing your name(!) – inside. Hopefully good publicity for you.
I hope you are having a busy season!

With kind regards,
Harry Glover