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12 June

Feedback re Worcester 19 May 2014 - 02 June 2014

Posted by Patricia Faraday

One thing we did not do before we booked our trip was research the Rochdale Canal. We learnt that it was the highest, the deepest and the widest on the English Canal system, but only after the first 36 locks. I also realised, at the Summit, that I had in fact walked from Sowerby Bridge to the Summit as the locks were all so close together. I also had muscles like Popeye and a tan to die for.

The scenery was wonderful and we met some wonderful people, especially those who assisted with opening the lock gates - sundry old people, young children, feral dogs etc.

The pubs all served excellent food and all those we went to were dog friendly.

Hebden Bridge was our favourite place. Very clean and steeped in industrial history. Todmorden had an excellent market where we purchased heavy duty, waterproof gloves - required once the rain came down in stair-rods. Todmorden folk were very pleasant.

The Summit was especially scenic, and where we moored for 3 days to do some walking and painting and lots of nothing.

Our elderly dog Jack enjoyed the experience once he got used to the steep steps on the boat and walking the gang-plank (when we could not get close to the tow-path). He also walked with me along the whole of the canal and is probably still wondering why we bothered with the boat at all! He also had the indignity of being dressed in a make-shift dog coat, fashioned out of plastic carrier bags, which protected him from the Yorkshire rain.

We had an excellent vacation and would certainly recommend you to our friends and family.

Kind regards

Pete & Patrica Faraday & Jack (The Dog)