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Shire Cruisers Photographic Competition 2022


Winter in Hebden Bridge by James Laws

This was a very strong year, with a good number of fine photographs. Well done to all! Here are the joint winners (who each receive £50) and a selection of entries commended by our judge.
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About the judge
James Laws is a professional lighting designer, based in Suffolk. He specialises in landscape and performance photography. He has known Shire Cruisers for many years, as he is the elder brother of Susan Stevens. One of his pictures is on the right: 'Frozen in at Hebden Bridge - 21 January 2023'.

James says:
"I decided that there were two fabulous photos of equal merit but very different subjects. Sam Bixby's photo of Kirkham Turn has glorious colour and reflections. Tim Overfield's photo of the canal's nemesis has split-second timing and clouds of sunny smoke: wonderful! So, congratulations to our two winners."

James only sees the pictures in his capacity as impartial judge, and knows nothing about the entrants.

Best picture

The joint winners are:

Sam Bixby and Tim Overfield

Each gets a prize of £50

Kirkham Turn - junction of Rochdale Canal with Calder & Hebble Navigation


The Bixbys from Brough, long-term customers, enjoyed their usual October trip on Rutland.

Tim Overfield from Kirkbymoorside, another loyal customer, caught this smashing shot above Todmorden in September


Sowerby Bridge Basin

Jean Francis from Monmouth came on Suffolk in September. She sent this splendid view of our base, with the fleet poised to go out with new adventurers.






Happiest dogs

Lob Mill Lock 16


Rachel Mason's party absolutely loved their holiday on the Calder & Hebble in August.

Sky and Water

Charlestown, Hebden Bridge


Elizabeth Mantle from Grantham came on Hereford in June. This is an impressively liquid shot of quiet moorings.

Best sunset


Sunset with tree

Ashvin Patel from Crawley was given his holiday as a retirement present - he and his family loved their time in Yorkshire in June.

Best drone shot

Crowther Bridge

River Calder at Ledgard

George Pickering (aged 16) from Scarborough had great fun with his drone. Here's Buckingham on the river in July

George also filmed how to go through a lock VERY quickly - video

To enter our 2023 competition...

Come on holiday with us, take your pictures, and send them in. We'd also be very pleased to share your blog.