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Shire Cruisers Photographic Competition 2014

Waiting for the spring by James Laws

2014 brought us a superb collection of entries. Here are the winners and runners up. A number of entrants also very kindly did us a blog, which tells us (some of...) what customers really do. I've put links to them.
Enter the 2015 competition - and maybe win £50! Can you do us a front cover for the brochure (landscape format)?
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About the judge
James Laws is a professional lighting designer, based in Suffolk. He specialises in landscape and performance photography. He has known Shire Cruisers for many years, as he is the elder brother of Susan Stevens. One of his pictures is on the right.

James says:
"This year's pictures showed the widest variety of waterways and countryside or townscape. Charlotte Smith was the winner because of the way the image shows the sheer pleasure of a peaceful canal holiday. The geese were well-positioned too!
We are awarding a special portfolio prize to Brian Shaw. An enormous number of well-taken images showed the progress of a party in two boats and their great enjoyment of the whole adventure.
The runners up show the canals in rain, sunshine and morning mist.
Next year it would be good to see some more pictures of holidaymakers. Cath Locke and Steph Green clearly had a good time. Over to you!"

The winner is:

Charlotte Smith

Charlotte came with her family in September. Here they are just above Old Royd Lock No. 17.

Best Portfolio

Brian Shaw, who first came with us in 2013, brought a large party on two boats to do the South Pennine Ring. Organised with military but very cheerful precision, they made the most of every minute. Their exploits are fully recorded on a blog which Brian posted as they went along. They get a special prize for their collective submission (and the front cover of our brochure!).

blog gallery

Brian Shaw
Luddenden Foot

The first full day of boating, after a night out at The Works.

Brian Shaw
Standedge Tunnel, Diggle Portal

The trains beat the HNC into submission, yet now the canal is thriving again.

Christy Smith
Coming into Huddersfield

The African Queen would feel at home on the HNC.

Runners up

Fiona Rawlings

Moored ready to go into Standedge Tunnel, on a trip round the South Pennine Ring.


Mary Kipling

Mary says there is a tune called 'Le Canal en Octobre' which really describes the feeling of her holiday - seen here the Leigh Branch.


Don McCoskrie

From New Zealand, a long and adventurous holiday giving us our first boat on the Anderton Lift.

Cath Locke

An intrepid trip across the HNC gathering pub information, purely in the interests of research.

Stephanie Green

Regular customers Steph, Juslin and Ellie the dog have booked again from Barnoldswick in 2015 and are looking forward to their fifth trip with us.


Russell Chase

Russell and his team of experienced and intrepid boaters have booked again for 2015.


Nicola Black

Just above Hebden Bridge, where Beaumont Clough brings water into the canal.


Charles Stride

IWA Ipswich Branch Chairman's Cruise took in Slaithwaite, shown in their beautifully illustrated blog.


Alison Wharton

Luddendenfoot. Moor up to see the new sculpture of a boatman's knot (just out of shot).


To enter our 2015 competition...

Come on holiday with us, take your pictures, and send them in. You can also submit a blog.