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Shire Cruisers Photographic Competition 2015

Waiting for the spring by James Laws

2015 brought us an exceptional collection of entries. Here are the winners and runners up. A number of entrants also very kindly did us a blog, which tells us (some of...) what customers really do. I've put links to them.
Enter the 2016 competition - and maybe win £50! Can you do us a front cover for the brochure (landscape format)?
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About the judge
James Laws is a professional lighting designer, based in Suffolk. He specialises in landscape and performance photography. He has known Shire Cruisers for many years, as he is the elder brother of Susan Stevens. One of his pictures is on the right.

James says:
"The standard of photography was very high this year but two Photographers, Douglas Aberdeen and Jenny and Glynn Sparks, stood out with one outstanding image and a number of very good ones each. And the ultra-wide "cans" picture by Ben Ellis has to have a special award! It is good to see that another 8 photographers have an image in the gallery this year. The diversity, as always, shows the variety of holiday landscapes and activities on your boating holidays. Enjoy the water in 2016!!"

The winners are:

Douglas Aberdeen

This backlit photo of a private boat shows the magic round every corner.



Glynn Sparks

Another backlit shot, of Bridge 10 at Longbottoms Mills just outside Sowerby Bridge, with Harry, their dog.

Special award:

Ben Ellis

James was very taken with this clever picture. There has been much debate about the significance of the unopened beer cans.

Runners up

Nicola Cutts

The wildflowers along the water's edge are encouraged by a team of volunteers led by Portia Fincham.

Nick Ferrar

An exceptional picture inside Standedge Tunnel, taken without special equipment.


Steph Green

Steph, a specially welcome returning customer, sent this lovely shot of Marley.


Elizabeth Guinness

A happy picture at Lob Mill Lock. Elizabeth was really taken with the canals of the Calder Valley - see her blog.


Gillian McElroy

On a first boating holiday from Northern Ireland, Gillian's pictures perfectly capture the point of the canals, and include this year's brochure front cover.


Steve Pickering

The popular mooring in the Urban Splash basin at New Islington, in the centre of Manchester, pictured on a journey round the South Pennine Ring.

Richard Stelmach

Sowerby Long Tunnel (on the Rochdale, 'tunnel' means 'bridge - but this really is a tunnel. Don't know whether 'long' means 'short'...).

Edwin Todd

These (harmless) cascades are a feature of the Rochdale Canal, but surprisingly difficult to photograph. This captures the moment perfectly.

Jenny Sparks

Finally, another picture from the Sparkses, of the chimney below Stubbing Locks - framed at home.

To enter our 2016 competition...

Come on holiday with us, take your pictures, and send them in. You can also submit a blog.