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Shire Cruisers Photographic Competition 2013

Waiting for the spring by James Laws

Here is the winning entry, plus the best of the rest. Enter the 2014 competition - and maybe win £50! Can you do us a front cover for the brochure (landscape format)? Thanks very much to all our entrants, for some smashing shots and some enterprising voyages. See 2012 results - See 2011 results..

About the judge
James Laws is a professional lighting designer, based in Suffolk. He specialises in landscape and performance photography. He has known Shire Cruisers for many years, as he is the elder brother of Susan Stevens. One of his pictures is on the right.

James says:
"I greatly enjoyed looking at your photos, which showed boating with Shire Cruisers through every sort of season- and weather! Stubbing Upper Lock & Calder Mill Chimney by James Matthews was the overall winner, for composition, interest and the lovely reflections. His portfolio was also very well presented and October was a lovely month.
The picnic picture from Hans De Lange from Delft is highly commended for the way it shows one of the joys of a boating holiday."

The winner is:

James Matthews from Welwyn Garden City

Prize of £50

A group of five friends went up to the Summit and back on Westmorland in October.

Stubbing Upper Lock & Calder Mill Chimney

Stubbing Lock

Other pictures from the excellent winning portfolio

Approaching Lock 5 - Brearley Lower Lock.

Sowerby Long Bridge




Morag Wallace and Lachlan Mackintosh from Edinburgh

Special runner-up prize of £25

came on Warwick in July. You'll also see one of their super shots on the cover of our 2014 brochure.

East Marton

Bank Newton



The best of the rest:

Hans De Lange from Delft

came on Buckingham in April/May.

A picnic on the South Pennine Ring

Steph Green from Leeds

is booked for her fourth holiday with us in May 2014

Horse boating on the Rochdale Canal



K Clover from Selby

came on Devon in April (this is a picture of Oxford).

''A life on the ocean's wave'



Darren Yorgensen and Maria Konyk from Bridlington

second holiday with us on Hereford in September

River Aire?

Peter Corah from Houghton le Spring

came with us on Norfolk in August

Patient dog

Les LeLeanfrom Halesworth

took Hereford on their second holiday in April.

Hebden Bridge