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Out & back boating holidays to Todmorden and Brighouse - from Sowerby Bridge

For everyone

Boating holidays to Todmorden and Brighouse

Yorkshire Canal Map Seven night boating holiday

The pictures are all from Norwegian customers who did this trip, teaming up with another boat. They had a great time and made firm friends.

Navigation notes

This is one example of routes which our customers enjoy. Distances and times shown are for the return trip. You can vary the distance to suit you, because there are plenty of turning points ('winding holes') marked in the guides on your boat. Information we provide about specific waterways or suggested routes is for general reference only. Please see more about route availability.

This itinerary is exactly that followed by our Norwegian crew. Some days have much less boating than others, to give time for walking, pubs, shopping or just relaxing. You can rearrange your trip to give stops at different places as you choose.
You can also arrange your stopping points to be near pubs, or away from it all.

Day 1

On the train to a boating holiday Sowerby Bridge lock instruction, Rochdale Canal

Brearley 3 miles 3 locks 3 hours

Coming by train lets you catch up on that essential reading. After our special thorough lock instruction, go up through the deepest lock on the canals and head for pretty moorings below the two locks at Brearley.

Day 2

Broad Bottom, Mytholmroyd on the Rochdale Canal Hebden Bridge on the Rochdale Canal

Todmorden (Lock 17) 6 miles 12 locks 5 hours

Up through those locks, and you're on a long (for the Rochdale Canal) level, and soon reach the village of Mytholmroyd. There are useful shops here. Carry on through a short tunnel and arrive in Hebden Bridge. There are shops of all sorts, including excellent fresh food, a market and a huge choice of places to eat and drink. Set in a steep-sided valley and stuffed with interesting buildings, Hebden is hard to get away from. Continue up the valley, through woods and small settlements, with the river running alongside. Just before you come into Todmorden, moor below Lock 17, near a stupendous converted mill.

Day 3

Lob Mill near Todmorden on the Rochdale Canal Todmorden on the Rochdale Canal

Hebden Bridge 5 miles 12 locks 5 hours

Head into Todmorden and moor by the sculpted fish, to explore more shops and a particularly fine market. Turn here, and set off back to Hebden Bridge.

Day 4

Mytholmroyd on the Rochdale Canal Broad Bottom, Mytholmroyd on the Rochdale Canal

Luddenden Foot 3 miles 4 locks 2 hours

Spend time in Hebden, or walk up to Heptonstall, a great exertion but you can get the bus back. then make a leisurely move down to Luddenden Foot. You'll find a quiet mooring next to a playground and an Indian restaurant over a pub.

Day 5

Luddenden Foot, Rochdale Canal Harrisons Bridge near Elland on the Calder & Hebble Navigation

Cromwell Bottom 6 miles 10 locks 5 hours

Return to Sowerby Bridge and stop here for a while - Sowerby Bridge is renowned for its choice of places to eat and drink. Carry on along the side of the valley, before dropping down past the edge of Elland to quiet moorings at Harrisons Bridge.

Day 6

Near Brighouse on the Calder & Hebble Navigation Boating holiday on the Calder & Hebble Navigation

Brighouse 6 miles 6 locks 4 hours

A short cruise through pleasant, more open, scenery brings you to another attractive small West Riding town, with small shops, large supermarkets and lots of pubs and restaurants. Moor right in the town centre, completely away from the bustle. In the evening, return to Harrisons Bridge.

Day 7

Salterhebble, Halifax on the Calder & Hebble Navigation Salterhebble, Halifax on the Calder & Hebble Navigation

Salterhebble 1 miles 7 locks 3 hours

Steadily make you way up till you pass your last lock at Salterhebble. Moor either at the top of the locks or turn right and go round the corner, where there two contrasting pubs.

Final morning

Sowerby Bridge 2 miles 0 locks 1 hour

Finally, make your way back to base.

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Trip Reviews

"Our day (by train) in York was very special with a visit to the Railway Museum and afternoon tea at Betty's. We were able to take it steadier during the hot weather of the second week and the leisurely pace meant we could have a good look round Hebden Bridge." - Mr Alliott, Worcester

"We enjoyed meeting the people who live on the waterways. They were so friendly and helpful. there is a really nice pie shop in Mytholmroyd which had great gluten free pies. The people who live on the waterways recognised the Shire boats and told us we were lucky to use such a reliable company who upkeep their boats.." - Mrs Lynn, Stafford

"Lovely scenery, very friendly people, nice pubs & saw steam train at Brighouse, lots of birds seen." - Mr Love, Stafford

"We had a great time. It was fun getting to know how to work the boat, locks, how to moor etc. Scenery was really beautiful, especially just past Hebden Bridge. Great pubs: we liked the White Lion on Hebden Bridge and Stubbing Wharf further up the canal. Most of all I liked being on the boat in a secluded mooring " - Mr Price, Devon

"Nervous first night, then got better and better with confidence of captain's driving. Went in lovely pubs along the way. Shoulder of Mutton (Mytholmroyd). Saw Jays and Kingfisher; spooky wood. 13 year old autistic grandson did every job on the journey and loved every minute of holiday." - Mrs Wood, Sussex

"Scenery was wonderful. All people we met were helpful. Went into Halifax and had a guided tour around the Town Hall. Even handled the Mayor's chain." - Mrs Ryan, Stafford

"Beautiful scenery and peaceful setting in Walsden. Border Rose, Walsden good Sunday roast excellent price. The pub on Stubbing Wharf good food lovely setting near Hebden Bridge. Hebden Bridge lovely town." - Mrs Westaby, Leicester (lock keeper's wife)

"Delightful scenery - wild flowers of all colours. Charming inhabitants friendly & helpful - wanted to take some of them home with me. Visited Arts Festival - most enjoyable." - Mrs Lees, Norfolk

"People very friendly & helpful. Beautiful scenery, wallked up a few hills & Stoodley Pike. Hebden Bridge was lovely place, Tour de France went through." - Mrs Foad, Stafford

"Stunning scenery and lovely buildings. Friendly people to speak to or just wave at! Loved the organic café in Hebden Br and ice-creams at Parklife. Real father, daughter & son bonding experience!" - Mr Waterfield, Worcester

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