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Booking a canal holiday


The search for one way trips on Hereford is not working correctly - please go here for availability of Hereford. Delivery trips on Cambridge, Norfolk and Somerset are working fine.

How to book

Use this form to check availability. When you find the boat you want, click 'Book this holiday now' and you can pay your deposit or hold for 48 hours - or ring 01422 832712.

Click to see details of how to book, plus advice on insurance and our Boat Hire Conditions.



Our competitive prices include fuel, so you know in advance exactly what your boating holiday will cost.

You can check prices by either doing an availability search or looking at our detailed price lists.


Books, maps & apps

Unlike other fleets, we provide cruising guides on your boat. If you'd enjoy some pre-planning, you can get all the guides to our area from our online shop. Or you can buy specially-prepared apps which put a map onto your phone or tablet, with your position always marked.