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Shared ownership services at Shire Cruisers

Shared owner boat at Shire Cruisers, Sowerby Bridge

Shared ownership services

We are pleased to welome shared ownership boats. Our waterways offer fantastic experiences, and our basin is a great place to keep a boat, with an excellent choice of places to eat and drink nearby.

We have a number of shared ownership boats at the moment, all very differently organised. We provide customised service to each group of owners, as they require, from the following:

Charges from 1 January 2022
Mooring charges

for a 58' boat £133.48 per month



Parts, diesel, gas

At normal retail prices.

Engineering £42.50 per hour.
Pumpouts £18.
Car Parking First car free. Extra cars £35 per week if available.


Cruising area
We offer access to all the amazing waterways of Yorkshire, all three Pennine canals - and the waterways of a neighbouring county we needn't mention. Please look at our Canal and Route pages, see menu above.

We provide a mooring for each boat. When the boat is not being used, we put it on a mooring in our basin, tied alongside other boats. When the boat is due to go out, we moor it in a convenient place for owners to load up.

Owners park in our car park. The yard has a gate, normally locked at night. All owners have ready access to a key.

We fill the diesel tank and do pumpouts for each returning owner, then provide gas, servicing and valets as required by each syndicate. This varies from comprehensive lists every time we see the boat, to working only on demand - we are equally happy with any system.

Engine repairs
We have the facilities and staff to do any engineering work which owners need. We work on your boat to the same high standards as we apply to our hire fleet, where avoidance of breakdown and long service life are vital.

Gas fitting
Our Gas Safe Registered team can look after your gas system. Annual checks with Gas Safety Certificates are available.

We have a small canal shop and carry a comprehensive range of chandlery. This is geared towards our own boats. Unusual (to us) items can be obtained quickly from wholesalers.

Calor Gas, diesel & pumpout
We do these at all reasonable hours.

Winter work
We will happily quote for any winter work each syndicate requires. For out-of-water work, we lift boats in batches onto hard standing. This work is concentrated in the period November to January. Because boats are in batches and the work is weather-dependent, each batch is not ready to go back in the water till all its boats are ready, which usually takes several weeks. This process works well for most people, but is less suited to syndicates who use their boat a lot over the winter.

We can carry out full or partial repaints to the standard seen on our hire fleet and the many private boats we have repainted.

Bottom blacking
We can pressure wash your boat and apply 2 coats of Intertuf. We can carry out any necessary stern gear repairs, plating, or replacement of anodes.

Our very high standards of joinery can be applied to refits on your boat. Millimetric accuracy and a staggering gloss on varnish-work hide robustness that will stand the test of time.

We invoice on the first of the month for that month's moorings and the previous month's service. Invoices are payable by the 20th of the month. Owners pay for diesel and pumpouts after each trip.

Syndicates organise themselves very differently, and we adapt accordingly, but it is useful to have a single contact whom we can ask for decisions. This may be a member of the syndicate, or a management company.

Other information
boatshare4u.co.uk is a mine of information for shared owners and those considering buying a share in a narrow boat.

Moorings and boatyard

Sowerby Bridge Basin looking west

Sowerby Bridge Basin looking west

Sowerby Bridge Basin looking east

Sowerby Bridge Basin looking east

The DIY area looking east

The DIY area looking east



Lifting out

Lifting out