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Shire Cruisers reviews 2020

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  • Experience - Sowerby Bridge start

    "The break was amazing, despite the weather. All the staff were great & loved the whole experience. We will definitely see you sgain." - Goddard, Hereford

    "Lovely scenery & people. We had a fab time and will definitely come back. Thank you." - Morgan, Devon

    "Stopped off at Hebden Bridge, moored up one night at Stubbing Wharf which was really nice." - Morris, Oxford

    "Excellent, we have had an amazing megga holiday, peaceful & we have been so chilled out." - Dunderdale, Cambridge

    "Absolutely brilliant people, amazing scenery, people couldn't have been frendlier." - Dunderdale, Cambridge

    "Loved the week. Enjoyed the fishing. Ducks & geese v. friendly." -

    "people were very friendly and often helped you out with locks, or just watched! The scenery was lovely, gets more built up as you go past Brighouse but still very nice. There is a lovely walk from Hebden Bridge to Hardcastle Crags which went along the river - very lovely!" - Sophie, Rutland

    "The markets were really good. Scenery was really beautiful." - Birtles, Stafford

    "Wonderful experience; lovely people on and off other boats; beautiful scenery; peaceful and quiet. Enjoyed visting Elland/Mytholmroyd/Heptonstall. Great pubs and beer. Tuel Lane Lock a great experience, volunteers so helpful." - Wood, Oxford

    "Loved it - very challenging as total novices - locks were a great experience. Brilliant - beautiful scenery." - Taylor, Devon

    "Nice tow path that seems v, popular especially with cyclists. Great product market at HB - purchased some local honey. Took a fab walk up to Stoodley Pike. Visited Hardcastle Crags ± a walk from Summit across Chelburn moor up to Pennine Way & reservoirs and back to Warland." - Baker, Dorset

    "Fantastic, great food in pubs. People v friendly & helpful. Beautiful scenery." -

    "Scenery was beautiful. Hebden Bridge was an experience of a picturesque town and a voyage back in time at the restored railway station." - Griffiths, Rutland

    "Fellow canal users - lovely. saw water vole & kingfisher. Lovely mooring spot just after Lock 5 on way back." - Laura & Toby, Norfolk

    "We've really loved it - it was great having the change of scenery, the activity at the locks and the beautiful surroundings. It was great for the kids, especially our eldest (12)." - Duncan, Suffolk

    "Summit - great! Sunshine, warm, & Summit Inn. 1 day in Hebden Bridge. Walked to Heptonstall, Sylvia Plath grave, quarry." - Willis, Cornwall

    "Spectacular scenery. Great walk up to Heptonstall, old ruined church." - Middleton, Cornwall

    "Scenery beautiful - lots of opprtunity for interesting photos." - Dryden, Gloucester

    "Fabulous scenery around the summit, friendly peopl both on and off the canal." - Coe, York

    "Loved the people on boats & on towpath. Lovely calm canal. Great nature - very close encounter with a fishing heron - felt very blessed." - Boyd, Devon

    "Everyone was friendly & helpful. We enyoyed the scenery, wildlife & walks." - Edwards, Stafford

    Experience - South Pennine Ring

    "It was a challenge, but one we very much enjoyed. Pennines (both sides) were spectacular." - Walters, Norfolk

    Food & drink

    "Had a meal at the Old Gate in Hebden Bridge - excellent food & service." - Morgan, Devon

    "We moored between Hebden Bridge and Todmorden - went to the lovely Top Brink Inn." - Isabelle, Rutland

    "Our favourite pub was called the Top Brink Inn at Todmorden - excellent food!" - Sophie, Rutland

    "Old Gate bar at Hebden was lovely meal & friendly staff. The Navigation Sowerby likewise." - Cook, Suffolk

    "Hebden Bridge - lunch in Shoulder of Mutton (delish), sweets from Something Sweet." - Taylor, Somerset

    "Lovely food at Stubbing Wharf pub." - Baker, Dorset

    "We had an excellent meal at the Stubbing Wharf pub." - Griffiths, Rutland

    "Great pub at Stubbing Wharf." - Laura & Toby, Norfolk

    "Lovely meal at Waggon & Horses, Walsden & Golden Lion, Todmorden." - Middleton, Cornwall

    "Some good pubs - the Commercial Railway at Brighouse, the White Swan at Hebden Bridge." - Pickard, Cambridge

    The boats

    "Excellent, well equipped and well laid out." - Morris, Oxford

    "I loved the boat! From the outside to the inside it was beautiful." - Isabelle, Rutland

    "I have to say I absolutely loved the curtains!." - Sophie, Rutland

    "Excellent! First experience was exemplary. Very clean." - Birtles, Stafford

    "Surprisingly roomy, clean & up to date & well maintained mechanically." - Cook, Suffolk

    "Excellent, good layout." - Basson, Devon

    "Very cosy, nice and warm heating and shower after wet day." - Stanley, Norfolk

    "Very good. All excellent." - Pearce, Hereford

    "Perfect for the two of us; equipment everything we needed, especially in the kitchen. Comfortable bed and good shower." - Wood, Oxford

    "Perfect for a cosy weekend." - Taylor, Devon

    "Everything you needed. Practical and tidy." - Green, Stafford

    "Nice to have a seating area at the back of the boat by the driver. Boat and equipment in good condition." - Baker, Dorset

    "Excellent, couldn't be faulted." - Griffiths, Rutland

    "Great - spot on. We had everything we needed and more." - Duncan, Suffolk

    "The three bed layout was excellent for our crew. Beautiful internal woodwork." - Middleton, Cornwall

    "Well equipped, good layout, comfortable. Would thoroughly recommend Cambridge." - Pickard, Cambridge

    "Great boat. Had everything we needed and felt very spacious and well laid out. Clean & everything in good condition." - Turner, Lincoln

    "Devon was great. Small & bijou.☺" - Boyd, Devon


    "Excellent, we have had an amazing megga holiday, peaceful & we have been so chilled out. Thank you for such a great break, everything you have done is perfect." - Dunderdale, Cambridge

    "V. friendly & helpful during Covid crisis!" - Meyer, Gloucester

    "we didn't need any assistance on our holiday (unless we suddenly sink in the last 5 hours we have left). Update: we didn't ☺. Very helpful on the handover. I thoroughly enjoyed my holiday and would like to come again some time!" - Sophie, Rutland

    "Your own website was great. You were very helful and explained everything I needed to know." - Birtles, stafford

    "Everything we needed to know was in the blue manual." - Stanley, Norfolk

    "Very helpful. There was always a wise and helpful voice at the end of the phone to advise and sort out problems. Thank you!" - Pearce, Hereford

    "Very helpful; kindly checked for 'missing' phone and found a replascement water tank cap! Thank you for a great holiday." - Wood, Oxford

    "We got stuck at Long Lees Lock and a lovely man came to help us, and then helped us with the guillotine gates, very helpful. Thanks to him." - Taylor, Devon

    "Could not fault it - excellent. We had an extra gang plank brought out to help with our canal unfriendly dog, whenever we called about anything there was a prompt, helpful response. Everyone was really friendly - thank you!" - Duncan, Suffolk

    "V. helpful (Shire Cruisers). Canal Trust people helpful, esp. Colin (Huddersfield)." - Walters, Norfolk

    "Good service - helpful during booking & sending info." - Willis, Cornwall

    "Very friendly & helpful from enquiry through to booking & holiday." - Edwards, Stafford

    Information Pack

    "Very good, very detailed but easy to digest." - Morris, Oxford

    "Information Pack was very useful and I often found myself quoting it. My favourite was 'don't ram the bank, gently touch it'. The Information Pack explained things very well and leaflet about Hardcastle Crags was very good. Pub recommendations were very useful as well." - Sophie, Rutland

    "It was very good, lots of information. easily understood and very useful." - Birtles, Stafford

    "Very useful; thanks to the different guides, we had an idea of what to expect and where to go." - Wood, Oxford

    "Plenty of good information." - Wood, York

    "Brilliant, best we have ever had in the many holidays on narrowboats we have taken." - Griffiths, Rutland

    "Fantastic - it was great to have the info before - as first time boaters there was so much to take in, so it was really helpful to have been able to absorb some of it beforehand." - Duncan, Suffolk

    "V. good info pack. V. helpful phone calls prior to booking/departure." - Walters, Norfolk

    "Website - excellent - best one we've seen - loved the route suggestions - that's what made us book. Used the little Shire Cruisers brochure/booklet daily. Also loved the literature map - enjoyed visiting Ted Hughes birthplace." - Boyd, Devon

    "Excellent and the DVD was very helpful." - Edwards, Stafford


    "Excellent. Dave was very thorough and we left feeling confident after the handover. Everyone at Shire Cruisers was friendly and approachable." - Morgan, Devon

    "Smooth handover of boat, I like how they just leave you to unpack the car without any hassle. Instructors on locks were very good - Sam was very chatty " -

    "The employee Sam was brilliant. He put us at ease, was very knowledgeable and friendly." - Birtles, Stafford

    "Very thorough (David) and well put over in a friendly style. even though we have been boating every year for 43 years, we didn't feel we were being patronised - well done." - Cornwall

    "Couldn't be more helpful." - Cook, Suffolk

    "Man who showed us round was helpful and had all the basics needed. Once all the people have left you it's easier to work things out for yourselves. Just take your time." - Stanley, Norfolk

    "Very thorough and your colleague made the handover good fun and very reassuring." - Pearce, Hereford

    "This was excellent; Brian was very thorough and prepared us really well." - Wood, Oxford

    "Very helpful, James was excellent." - Wade, Lincoln

    "Extremely well. Thank you Josh." - Green, Stafford

    "Eaxcellent!" - Wood, York

    "Great instruction from Sam! A local man living on a boat in Hebden Bridge was impressed at our knot tying skills, something Sam had taught us!." - Baker, Dorset

    "Brilliant and very efficient." - Griffiths, Rutland

    "Excellent - we felt really well informed." - Duncan, Suffolk

    "Exactly right." - Walters, Norfolk

    "Sam was AMAZING!! Thank you.." - Jo, Cambridge

    "You guiding us through the 1st 3 locks made us feel safe &secure from the very beginning of our holiday (excellent)." - Middleton, Cornwall

    "Very helpful young man re: introduction to boat and locks." - Dryden, Gloucester

    "The briefing proved very useful, reminding us of all the useful information in the Information Pack, and an in depth boat handover." - Coe, York

    "Excellent, again - best yet." - Boyd, Devon

    "Excellent &plenty of info from our handover crew." - Edwards, Stafford

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Boat Name Berths Route Type
Devon 2 Short Break
Oxford 2 Short Break
Lincoln 2 + 1 Short Break
Suffolk 2 + 2 Short Break
York 4 + 2 Short Break
Hereford 4 + 1 Short Break
Buckingham 4 + 2 Out & Back
Sussex 6 + 2 Short Break
Northumberland 6 + 4 Short Break
Westmorland 6 + 4 Short Break
Stafford 2 + 2 Out & Back
Worcester 4 + 1 Out & Back
Huntingdon 4 + 2 Out & Back
Cambridge 2 Leeds & Liverpool
Norfolk 2 + 2 Leeds & Liverpool
Rutland 4 + 2 Leeds & Liverpool
Somerset 4 + 2 Leeds & Liverpool
Gloucester 6 + 2 Leeds & Liverpool
Dorset 4 + 2 One way
Cornwall 4 + 2 One way