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Shire Cruisers reviews 2018

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  • Experience - Sowerby Bridge start

    "Amazing scenery, great pubs, good food, friendly people and all in all excellent." - Eric Ambrose, Hereford

    "Scenery beautiful, varied, surprisingly peaceful. Hebden Bridge best stopping place. People frienly and helpful." - Rees, Oxford

    "Markets in Hebden Bridge and Todmorden worth visiting for bread, cheese, vegetables and fish. Walkers along towpath at locks friendly." - Jane Stevens, Huntingdon

    "lovely trip, great scenery." - Mr Edwards, Lincoln

    "Thanks for a fantastic fun holiday - we will be back!" - Mrs Brown, Stafford

    "Nice meals in Hebden Bridge, also good market on Sunday for bread & cakes. Found swings in lots of places! Lovely sitting outside Stubbing Wharf pub in the sunshine." - Ailsa, Sussex

    "Visited Leeds - art gallery, Saltaire village, Hepworth museum in Wakefield." - Leaman - Worcester

    "Scenery lovely (South Pennine Ring), lots of variety of places, town centres / countryside - people very friendly. The boat was very clean and tidy when we started our holiday and we had no problems with the boat or the equipment." - McClung, Stafford

    "Beautiful scenery - very green, lots of flowers. Friendly people all along the way." - Mr & Mrs Bradshaw, Stafford

    "Loving cruising over the summit. Good pubs/food. Great walks - 3 days at Hebden Bridge." - Mr Pike, Sussex

    "Glorious weather, very quiet canal with few boats. Cardiac-inducing walk up to Heptonstall with stunning views & Sylvia Plath grave." - Mr Ray, Suffolk

    "Scenery was lovely (towards Brighouse), people on towpaths and on the canal were friendly and very helpful." - Roberts & Walker, Oxford

    "We love the moorland scenery and the old industrial mills, whether neglected or converted into apartments/offices. The standard of 'new build' design is also commendable." - Hayes/Twaite, Rutland

    "The scenery (to Wakefield) was a mixture of urban and woodland. People were always keen to help whether at locks or where to find somewhere to eat." - Joanne, Suffolk

    "Amazing experience, people all so friendly." - Sue & Bruce, Suffolk (New Zealand)

    "Excellent. Wide variety of culture (eg Skipton Castle), pubs various, cheerful people but most of all stunning scenery." - Mr Mattick, Sussex

    "The upper section of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal was spectacularly beautiful.." - Andrea & Dan, Devon (USA)

    "The people were very kind! We saw beautiful landscapes, forests and pretty towns." - Mr Mattis, Huntingdon (Switzerland and Poland)

    "Wide range of people en route - local youths, friendly walkers, cyclists, young children - gave them a ride. Culture - Hepworth Gallery & Henry Moore in Leeds. Didn't make it to David Hockney at Saltaire!" - Mrs Pinnock, Cornwall

    "Skipton Castle, Leeds Armoury & Saltaire very interesting. Good variety of scenery & waterways. Very nice walk on last day from Todmorden back to Sowerby Bridge." - Mr Maynard, Worcester

    "Excellent - friendly folk, nice scenery, interesting various locks, shops convenient to stops." - Nr & Mrs Kenney, Devon

    Experience - Barnoldswick start

    "Beautiful scenery, nice pubs - particularly the Cross Keys." - Hopkins, Leicester

    "Varied scenery - friendly people." - John Walker, Somerset

    "Scenery was very varied, nautical, industrial, rural, hilly, flat. We all enjoyed going to Liverpool. Mooring in salthouse Dock & navigating the Liverpool Link was a wonderful experience. Plenty to see & do in Liverpool. Visited another place (Anthony Gormley) statues on Crosby beach." - Andrew Shipman, Norfolk

    "Local places & people very enjoyable, helpful & friendly. Frank & other lock keepers extremely helpful & nice to know." - Mr Proctor, Somerset

    "Great scenery pubs & people." - Horton, Leicester

    "Stunning scenery, some glorious weather." - Everitt , Cambridge

    "Scenery - Yorkshire & bit of Lancashire (natives friendly). early June excellent time & enabled longer motoring days" - Mrs Wight, Somerset

    "Lovely, very helpful CRT staff/volunteers at many of the locks. Amazing scenery throughout, especially Marton Pool." - Miss Marshall, Somerset

    "Overall - brilliant. Very fortunate with dry, sunny weather. Mix of scenery - rural - industrial - fantastic. Did not see any hostile, antisocial behaviour." - Titford, Leicester

    "Shopping in Skipton market - lots of fun. Great scenery." - Jenny Clough - Somerset

    Experience - One way trips

    "Long, hard, fun days. Lots of locks. Extreme weather at times. Enjoyed going over the Summit area of the Rochdale Canal - beautiful with snow! Enjoyed the centre of Manchester, going under buildings. (Delivery trip to Barnoldswick via Wigan)" - Purchas, Somerset

    "Very scenic experience." - Mr Odell, Dorset

    "Lovely scenery, many interesting sites." - Burton, Cornwall

    "Excellent - Pennine scenery and interesting towns/villages." - Dungan, Cornwall

    ""One of the best canals for scenery we have been on. Tunnel was wonderful - unlike any other - Trevor Ellis the tunnel chaperone was fab - interesting & helpful."" - Holliday/Cohen, Cornwall

    Food & drink

    "Market Tavern in Brighouse best pub." - Rees, Oxford

    "Good meal at Cook & Bottle, Skipton & lunch at Masons Arms Gargrave." - Mr Everitt, Cambridge

    "Summit pub excellent. Golden Lion pub excellent, Mango cider & best Thai food ever." - Turner, Worcester

    "Excellent meal at the Bull @ Broughton." - Miss Marshall, Somerset

    "Anchor Inn @ Salterforth very good food." - Rouse - Norfolk

    "The Stubbing Wharf pub food was excellent. Golden Lion was a cultural experience!!" - Mr & Mrs Bradshaw - Suffolk

    "Best pub Commercial in Slaithwaite." - Holliday/Cohen - Cornwall

    "Good meal at the Weavers, Luddenden Foot & Marco's Italian at Hebden Bridge." - Mr Ray - Suffolk

    "Drinks at Libertine (very lively on a Friday night). Saturday dinner at Old Gate, Sunday drinks at Weavers Arms." - Mr Upcher - Oxford (Australia)

    "Evening pub/meal stops at Bay Horse (Snaygill), Fishermans Inn (Bingley), Pear Tree (Mirfield). All very good." - Wright - Dorset

    "The Caddy Shack at Elland cooked a lovely steak and Jeremy's at Brighouse was excellent food, reasonably proced." - Roberts & Walker - Oxford

    "Masons Arms Gargrave - good food & friendly." - Jenny Clough - Somerset

    "Alnawab in Mirfield - Colliers Arms (excellent food) - Cobblestones (excellent food/staff & right on the spot)." - Walker - Buckingham

    "Great last meal @ Moorings pub/restaurant." - Mr & Mrs Kenney, Devon


    "We were so pleased you were able to assist and fix the problem immediately - that shows excellent service!" - Steph, Lincoln

    "Every one was really helpful." - John Walker, Somerset

    "Thank you very much Susan for all your help & assistance in planning our passage into Liverpool. It was a most memorable experience. No problems requiring assistance." - Andrew Shipman, Norfolk

    "Very helpful - especially tunnel booking & re-booking due to short stoppage @ Huddersfield." - M Boyden, Rutland

    "Wonderfully helpful lady (Paula) in your office & good to meet her." - Mr & Mrs Everitt, Cambridge

    "We had a very serious situation around 4.30 am and contacted Shire Cruisers by phone and they took full control of the problem and were with us very quickly and fully resolved the serious situation." - Mr Brown, Stafford

    "Pre-trip telephone and postal service was excellent." - Titford, Leicester

    "Staff were amazing." - Mr Nozedar, Buckingham

    "Nigel !" - Miss Marshall, Norfolk

    "The service you gave by your engineer (bent tiller) was superb - efficient - pleasant - friendly - we were very embarassed as we are better than that - but he was very good talking to us." - Holliday/Cohen - Cornwall

    "Very helpful. We had an issue with displaced rudder and assistance came very promptly." - Mr Upcher - Oxford (Australia)

    "Service throughout was friendly and encouraging, The support of Shire Cruisers staff could not have been better!" - Roberts & Walker - Oxford

    "You were so helpful on our first day. We appreciated all your help with planning a new route & even finding an electrical adaptor for us." - Andrea & Dan - Devon (USA)

    "Good quick response when we ran into mechanical problems with our alternator." - Mr Maynard, Worcester

    "Friendly hassle free welcome and introduction. Many thanks for a wonderful experience." - Mr & Mrs Kenney, Devon

    Information Pack

    "Thorough and well thought out for all boaters whether learners or old hands." - Steph, Lincoln

    "Very useful, and nicely presented." - Eric Ambrose, Hereford

    "Information Pack was very good. Packed with helpful & useful information. Best information pack I have received from any hire company." - Andrew Shipman, Norfolk

    "Very useful - even as experienced boaters." - M Boyden, Rutland

    "Very useful. Comprehensive and well presented. Also the pack of guides on the boat." - Mr Rees, Oxford

    "Written info excellent on boat." - Mr Proctor, Somerset

    "The South Pennine Ring brochures were very good." - McClung - Stafford

    "Very useful & easy to follow. Video was most helpful (I'm a visual learner!!)." - Mr & Mrs Bradshaw - Suffolk

    "Very helpful with guidance & list of nearby pubs. Much better than (important booking agency) gave us 3 years earlier on Shropshire Union." - Mr Ray - Suffolk

    "Extremely useful guides which gave us time to prepare for our trip. The boating information was very reassuring for novices like ourselves. The DVD brought it all together." - Roberts & Walker - Oxford


    "Fantastic handover - great explanation of engine & locks." - Hopkins, Leicester

    "As always a comprehensive bried and as we know anything can happen so it's comforting to listen to your briefing." - Steph, Lincoln

    "Our mentor was very supportive and pleasant." - Eric Ambrose, Hereford

    "Very good & efficient handover by knowledgable staff." - John Walker, Somerset

    "Josh was lovely & Susan's talk was useful." - Mrs Sunderland, Rutland

    "The handover was very good & covered everything." - Andrew Shipman, Norfolk

    "Thank you Brian. Very comprehensive." - M Boyden, Rutland

    "Very thorough & comprehensive handover. Very friendly & professional staff." - Mr Proctor, Somerset

    "Good - nice to have it geared to our previous experience. Appreciated escort on Day 1." - Mr & Mrs Everitt, Cambridge

    "Thorough. Informative. Best we've had. Thanks to Sam for handover & blackcurrant ice cream recommendation." - Mrs Wight, Somerset

    "Outstanding! Sam was an excellent teacher." - Miss Marshall, Somerset

    "v good & clear, both Susan & the lad on the boat." - Ailsa, Sussex

    "Stan did a great job!!" - Mark - Buckingham (New Zealand)

    "Very good and nice people in your company" - Mr Karlson - Hereford (Norway)

    "Great. Very informative. Comprehensive." - Mr & Mrs Bradshaw - Suffolk

    "Very thorough, knowledgeable & friendly briefing." - Mr Ray - Suffolk

    "James's instructions, guidance and practical demonstration were exceptional! We motored off with a sense of adventure and confidence in our abilities. Thank you!" - Roberts & Walker - Oxford

    "We had all the information we needed to be safe & happy. Joshua's instructions were the best." - Andrea & Dan - Devon (USA)

    "Stan was a star." - Mrs Spalding - Oxford

    "Stan did a wonderful job! He talked slowly and clearly (specially for us foregners). We felt prepared for the things to come." - Mr Mattis - Huntingdon (Switzerland & Poland)

    "Will did a wonderful job of explaining everything." - Walker - Buckingham

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Boat Name Berths Route Type
Devon 2 Short Break
Oxford 2 Short Break
Lincoln 2 + 1 Short Break
Suffolk 2 + 2 Short Break
Rutland 4 + 2 Short Break
Hereford 4 + 1 Short Break
Buckingham 4 + 2 Out & Back
Sussex 6 + 2 Short Break
Northumberland 6 + 4 Short Break
Westmorland 6 + 4 Short Break
Stafford 2 + 2 Out & Back
Worcester 4 + 1 Out & Back
Huntingdon 4 + 2 Out & Back
Cambridge 2 Leeds & Liverpool
Norfolk 2 + 2 Leeds & Liverpool
Leicester 4 + 2 Leeds & Liverpool
Somerset 4 + 2 Leeds & Liverpool
Gloucester 6 + 2 Leeds & Liverpool
Dorset 4 + 2 One way
Cornwall 4 + 2 One way