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Shire Cruisers reviews 2015

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  • Experience

    "Eat, drink, read & slept!!! People were lovely, the volunteers on Salterhebble Locks were a godsend! helped with all locks on way back. Kirklees Cut was beautiful & peaceful, as was the dry dock at Salterhebble Locks." - Laura & Darren, Devon

    "The canal was beautiful and the people of the area were very friendly. We didn't visit any pubs or eating places. We went into Hebden Bridge which was very pretty and had some amazing shops." - Mr Pollitt, Rutland

    "Loved it! Something different round every corner. Met some wonderful helpful people. Children (5 & 8) had a great time." - Mr Hopper, Westmorland

    "The experience (Stanley Ferry & return) was unreservedly positive, especially encountering the friendly local people and the beautiful countryside." - Mr Walsh, Worcester

    "Enjoyed doing very little!" - Mr Marshall, Norfolk

    "Very good, loved doing the locks, what an experience." - Mrs Shelley, Devon

    "Geese are very noisy at 05.30 hrs!! Food at Stubbing Wharf fantastic. Hebden Bridge was nice. Weather good. People all very friendly. Scenery fab!! Some really nice parts of the canal." - Mr Parry, Rutland

    "Outstanding scenery all the way round (the South Pennine Ring) apart from parts of Rochdale but that is interesting in its own peculiar way. Only visited a few pubs - Red Lion at Littleborough, Riverside at Marsden - both very good." - Mrs Dewhirst, Stafford

    "Good food. Folk festival at Hebden a bonus." - Mr Davidson, Buckingham

    "People were very helpful and friendly. Despite the rain - wonderful scenery. Canal folk - top drawer!" - Mr Hope, Cambridge

    "Beautiful scenery, friendly people - especially in private boats. Spent time in Hebden Bridge." - Mr Bintley, Sussex

    "Drifting through sunlit gorges watching fluffy goslings guarded by anxious Canadian parents! Then energetic opening and closing of locks. All worries we brought from home and work were forgotten in the haste to raise the boat in the lock. So much history along the canal - cotton mills no longer threatening satanic mills but transformed into luxury apartments or modern industries." - Mrs Guinness, Hereford

    "Scenery out of this world, best canal we have been on for scenery. People v friendly. Plenty of pubs.." - Mr Hogg, Warwick

    "Skipton & castle memorable (Bizzie Lizzies chippy v. good). Swan @ Gargrave food excellent. Views from Kingfisher Marina awesome. Barrowford lock keeper very friendly & efficient. Scenery & wildlife outstanding. All in all most enjoyable & tranquil. Barlick - Fountain Inn food good & overnight good." - Mr Horsburgh, Leicester

    "Herons, ducks, geese, kingfishers, cormorants and swans." - Mr Nielson, Sussex

    "The whole experience was fantastic and although it took us a while to become confident and the weather could have been better we intend coming again next year." - Mr Reeson, Cambridge

    "Fished cyclist out of canal!" - Mr Alford, Gloucester

    "Gentle meandering thro' fields & then climb to summit. Good eating Todmorden, Hebden Bridge & Grandma Pollards at Walsden." - Jeannie, Worcester

    "Market place at Hebden Bridge great day out." - Mrs Earl, Devon

    "People have all been friendly, even the geese and goat at one lock." - Mrs Philpott, Hereford

    "Breathtaking Pennine scenery. Sharing locks with live-aboard couple. Walks to Hardcastle Crags and Heptonstall. Kafa Kafe in Todmorden. Hebden Bridge - lovely." - Mr Sparks, Worcester

    "Everything 5 star. Scenery stunning, well arranged weather could not have been better. Loved the loos!" - Mr Torbet, Huntingdon

    "We had beautiful T-shirt weather for October - everybody we met was friendly and helpful. We had no problems at all." - Steph, Devon

    "Great weather! Good to visit Calder Valley by boat. Private boats v. helpful to us as were volunteers at Salterhebble Locks." - Mr & Mrs Thistlethwaite, Norfolk

    "Met a lot of chatty pleasant people. Top of the list was Billy and his volunteer helper at Tuel Lane Lock." - Mr Pring, Rutland

    "Thank you all for a clean boat and great service making for a great holiday." - Mr Croft, Buckingham

    "Great that all the 'beginners' helped one another especially at the locks. Better to learn togrether especially is only two of you!" - Mr & Mrs Clayton, Devon

    Food & drink

    "Had excellent meal at Waterside Bar & Restaurant, Littleborough." - Mr Crosland, Hereford

    "Olive Branch in Hebden v. good." - Ms Cowgill, Oxford

    "Top Lock Pub lock 58 Leeds & Liverpool (Johnsons Hill) & Cross Gaits, Blacko - Bridge 145 great pubs, good service & food.." - Mr Wiltshire, Somerset

    "Lovely meal at Roaches Lock (HNC 8W)." - Mrs Ridehalgh, Cornwall

    "Went to Navigation Inn (Broad Cut) & had scampi. Friendly staff." - Mr Marshall, Norfolk

    "White Lion Hebden Bridge excellent. Navigation @ Sowerby Bridge very friendly & good value." - Mr Bird, Sussex

    "Grandma Pollards - excellent, visited twice. Heptonstall café - excellent food." - Mrs Hoggarth, Hereford

    "Stubbing Wharf at Hebden is fantastic food. Also the fish n' chip shop in Hebden." - Mrs Shelley, Devon

    "Recommend Aux Delices in Mytholmroyd & Blackbird in Todmorden." - Mr Dethridge, Westmorland

    "Fri Mythomroyd, ate @ Dusty Miller. T'was great!
    Sat lunch in Hebden Bridge @Sauces, great value food right in the heart of town.
    Sat dinner @ Stubbing Wharf
    Sun Luddenden Foot @ curry house was very nice and well priced."
    - Mr Murray, Cambridge

    "Riverhead Tap (Marsden) - staff friendly, food VG; dog allowed only in bar." - Mr Glover, Worcester

    "Had great meals at the Dusty Miller & Stubbing Wharf." - Mr Dixon, Buckingham

    "Nice meal at the Hopwood Arms." - Mr Robertson, Cornwall

    "Best pub for food Cross Keys at East Marton. Skipton good places to eat, good castle to visit (all round good time)." - Mr Gleaves, Warwick

    "The Thai restaurant at Hebden was very good & pub at Mytholmroyd Shoulder of Mutton was also good for a lunch time snack." - Mr Featherstone, Cornwall

    "Loved Blackbird restaurant in Todmorden." - Liz, Buckingham

    "Hare and hounds pub in Todmorden very good and also Cobblestones in Sowerby. " - Mrs Murray, Oxford (on her honeymoon)

    "Dusty Miller, Old Gate, Firehouse = all v. good. Eastern Spice Hebden Bridge cheap/quality/Indian." - Mrs Mariner, Devon

    "Ate at Oldgate bar & restaurant in Hebden Bridge - v good & Stubbing Wharf - again v good." - Mr Hamlin, Hereford

    "Anchor Inn at Salterforth; Masons Arms, Gargrave; Bollywood Cottage, Gargrave; Rose & Crown, Skipton; Abbots Harbour, East Marton. All excellent.." - Mr Rushworth, Leicester

    "Nice new veggie café (Blue Teapot) in Mytholmroyd." - Mr Brown, Cornwall

    "Shoulder of Mutton in Mytholmroyd good for real ale. Great lunch in Tod @ Kava Kafe (by guillotine gate)." - Mr & Mrs Park, Oxford

    "Great fun, great food especially last night's curry at 'Moonlight' Luddenden Foot (& Stubbing Wharf - v popular get there early)." - Mr Legh, Stafford


    "You were very helpful friendly & patient when I had to ask for help." - Mr Morris, Hereford

    "Brilliant." - Ms Inns, Leicester & Somerset

    "Very helpful:- changed faulty fridge & found a lost mobile phone in the canal: - very helpful staff." - Mrs Wells, Northumberland

    "Billy and crew (Canal & River Trust) were very helpful - as were all your team." - Mr Sargeant, Buckingham

    "You were very helpful. we needed to ring on the last afternoon and you gave clear advice." - Ms Iakovidou, Sussex

    "Thank you Susan. Excellent Customer Care Service." - Mr Hallgate, Worcester

    "Thank you we had a great time & we feel very proud now that we can handle a canal boat!" - Mr & Mrs Clayton, Devon

    "You went beyond expectations and were very accommodating despite us being very awkward at such short notice!" - Phil, Northumberland

    "No assistance required during holiday, but discussing the booking over the phone was a pleasure, as the ladt was very friendly and helpful." - Bath family, Sussex

    "V helpful & called you once & got a good response." - Mr Hamlin, Hereford

    "Very friendly & helpful - everyone @ Shire Cruisers who we met. Thanks." - Mr & Mrs Park, Oxford

    "Very helpful from start to finish. Would definitely recommend to all & we hope to be back in the future." - Debbi, Sussex

    Information Pack

    "Very good." - Mr Bell, Cambridge

    "My novice crew found the information in the DVD & booklet comprehensive and because it is well presented, they found it not overwhelming." - Mr Walsh, Worcester

    "Very useful however seeing and doing is very different. We understood the locks better after our personal instruction. We found the pack on the boat - map etc. - very helpful and used it often." - Mrs Bowen, Gloucester

    "Your two guides excellent." - Mr Dethridge, Westmorland

    "We have been on canal holidays eleven times previously but we still found the Information Pack very useful specific to this canal." - Mr & Mrs Boyle, Oxford

    "The manual was really clear for bits of info needed on journey. You could tell it was written by a voice of experience." - Mrs Thompson, Norfolk

    "Very useful. Plenty of relevant & important information." - Shiela & Paul, Leicester


    "We had a fantastic guide Josh who did an excellent handover. He was energetic and not only good with us but with the kids. He didn't make my wife feel silly for her questions and she was more confident because of his help." - Mr Pollitt, Rutland

    "Excellent. Best handover we have experienced. All staff first class." - Mr Hopper, Westmorland

    "Susan & Brian were particularly helpful." - Mr Walsh, Worcester

    "Good & thorough briefing. Help through first locks much appreciated even though we are quite experienced boaters. Good job, Brian!." - Mr Marshall, Norfolk

    "Most thorough handover in 10+ years." - Hr Loos, Dorset (Germany)

    "Josh was excellent." - Mrs Hoggarth, Hereford

    "Very good. Billy the lock keeper is a great guy with a fab sense of humour." - Mrs Shelley, Devon

    "Excellent! Staff knowledgeable and friendly - answered all our questions." - Mr Parry, Rutland

    "Most thorough handover we have ever had. All staff very friendly & helpful." - Mrs Callow, Huntingdon

    "T'was great, logical, knowledgeable & efficient." - Mr Murray, Cambridge

    "Good briefing and we found guidance through the first 3 locks very useful as we are beginners on narrow boats" - Mr Taylor, Oxford

    "Simon was very good. Took us through all systems and left us feeling confident to go on after Tuel Lock. Billy (CRT) was very helpful both ways." - Mr Merson, Cambridge

    "Excellent briefing - Dave was great - good communicator." - Mr Nielson, Sussex

    "Very good. Dave was very thorough. Josh was very helpful in piloting us out. Paula was very friendly on arrival." - Mr Waterfield, Worcester

    "Excellent handover. Simon was particularly instructive & helpful in explaining the locks." - Mrs Lorkins, Huntingdon

    "Excellent - especially Stan - v. helpful & fun." - Mrs Mariner, Devon

    "Billy (CRT) on locks - really helpful." - Mrs Mariner, Devon

    "Excellent (Dave)." - Martina, Sussex

    "Excellent, everything was clearly explained and the help and advice from Brian on the first three locks was invaluable." - Mrs Philpott, Hereford

    "Very good. Sam was informative and very welcoming. David gave us a good run-down on operation of the boat." - Mr & Mrs Satchwell, Warwick

    "Very, very helpful. Dave was a great guy who made us feel at ease with the boat and locks, and very instructive." - Mr Sedgewick, Oxford

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Boat Name Berths Route Type
Devon 2 Short Break
Oxford 2 Short Break
Cambridge 2 Short Break
Norfolk 2 + 2 Short Break
Hereford 4 + 1 Short Break
Buckingham 4 + 2 Out & Back
Sussex 6 + 2 Short Break
Northumberland 6 + 4 Short Break
Westmorland 6 + 4 Short Break
Stafford 2 + 2 Out & Back
Worcester 4 + 1 Out & Back
Huntingdon 4 + 2 Out & Back
Warwick 2 + 1 Leeds & Liverpool
Leicester 4 + 2 Leeds & Liverpool
Somerset 4 + 2 Leeds & Liverpool
Dorset 4 + 2 One way
Gloucester 4 + 2 One way
Cornwall 4 + 2 One way