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Shire Cruisers Photographic Competition 2016

Waiting for the spring by James Laws

Lots of entries for 2016. Here is the winner, runner up and a selection of other pictures that the judge commended. We received some smashing blog entries too, well worth a read, and with more pictures.
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About the judge
James Laws is a professional lighting designer, based in Suffolk. He specialises in landscape and performance photography. He has known Shire Cruisers for many years, as he is the elder brother of Susan Stevens. One of his pictures is on the right.

James says:
"This year there was a wide range of imaginative photography. I hope that your 2017 holiday is wonderful and that it inspires you to enter this friendly competition."

The winner is:

Andrew Cripps

The winning shot, taken by Andrew Cripps did the simple things so well. He showed the tranquillity of a canal holiday at its best.



Runner up:

Jordanna Farrimond

The runner-up, Jordanna Farrimond, gave us a lovely swan and moored craft at sunset.

Highly commended:

Sven Wardle

In contrast, Sven Wardle is highly commended for the wonderful light trails and the way he took on the challenge of night photography.

Best portfolio

Julian Howes and Alison Plaisted

The best portfolio came from Julian Howes and Alison Plaisted; two contrasting tunnel shots and a reflected image of a chimney at Dukinfield in mirror-still water.


Other pictures that caught James's eye:

Ross Morrell

Ross Morrell came very close to stealing the show with his dog apparently in control of the boat!


Michael Fulford

On their second holiday with us, the Fulfords went up the HNC, seen here at Roaches, and also on the Upper Peak Forest to Buxworth.


Lesley Herbert

Look closely and you can see the photographer's reflection in the very shiny tiller pin.

Peter Jones

had a great time exploring churches along the L&L in early spring.


James Harrison

Last evening back at base.

Harry Glover

Another welcome regular, Harry and his crew went all the way into Liverpool from Barnoldswick.


To enter our 2017 competition...

Come on holiday with us, take your pictures, and send them in. You can also submit a blog.