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Customer blog

14 Apr

Our family of two “60+” and three “30+” had a wonderful weekend on Somerset – such an advance on the last boat we hired in 1979!  Central heating, 3-pin plugs, shower, electric flush toilets, and such a quiet engine.
We enjoyed superb evening meals in the Cross Keys (East Marton), Masons Arms (Gargrave) and Anchor (Salterforth), and a late lunch in the brilliant Dalesman Café. 
We were lucky in the Mason’s Arms – a group were just vacating a table as we were about to give up (having failed to get a table in the lovely looking Bollywood Cottage). 
We were also lucky to get to the Anchor (Salterforth) at 6.15pm, just half an hour before they stop serving food on a Sunday evening. and were then treated to tour of their extraordinary cellar (don’t miss that). 
Buddying up going through locks means lots of chances to talk with other boaters.  Everyone has a tale to tell - ours was being left “high and dry” when someone left a paddle open).
it was a great experience for us all (and new for some) and we had a truly fabulous time, at least when the weather dried up on Sunday.
Thanks to all at Shire for the correspondence in advance and the service from start to finish.

Eric Bridgstock and family